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Categoría: Español / 12 de abril de 2013
Monytor Semanal N58 - 12 de abril de 2013
Resumen semanal de las principales novedades monetarias y financieras de Argentina y el mundo.

Fuente: Elypsis

Categoría: English / 2 de octubre de 2011
How Argentina left its Eurozone
One of the many proposals for escaping the Eurozone crisis is to follow in the footsteps of Argentina since its currency fiasco a decade ago. This column points out the realities of such a path: regressive wealth transfers and debt dilution. Against this dismal backdrop, a fiscal union might well be a better option.

Fuente: Voxeu

Categoría: English / 6 de marzo de 2010
Varieties of internal devaluation: Peripheral Europe in the Argentine mirror
The fiscal crisis in several European countries has led many commentators to suggest novel solutions, including a holiday from the euro. This column examines the much-cited example of Argentina and argues that such ideas look better on paper than in practice. What these countries need is a “good old bailout” – conditional on “getting the house in order”.

Fuente: Vox Eu

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