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Through a rigorous treatment of information based on quantitative data, Elypsis provides an objective and realistic market analysis and its implications.

Who we are

Our vision recognizes the limitations of traditional expert analysis, articulating issues that are usually addressed in isolation. Thus, Elypsis offers comprehensive monitoring local and global context, and microsectorial macro perspective and the economic, political and financial factors that influence investment decisions of its customers. Elypsis has a group of experts with extensive experience in the financial market, governance, policy analysis and academic research and work with multilateral credit agencies, central banks and governments, banks and investment funds and leading companies.

Luciano Cohan
Luciano Cohan
Chief Economist


Weekly update of the highlights political and economic events, through ongoing monitoring of local and international situation.


Data series and graphs of our key indicators and selected macroeconomic variables.


Future estimates of key economic and financial variables.

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