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Tags. currency crisis

Categoría: Español / 12 de abril de 2013
Monytor Semanal N58 - 12 de abril de 2013
Resumen semanal de las principales novedades monetarias y financieras de Argentina y el mundo.

Fuente: Elypsis

Categoría: Español / 12 de septiembre de 2011
El discreto encanto del dólar
El fortalecimiento global del dólar en momentos de inquietud mundial. El rol del dólar como moneda de reserva.


Categoría: English / 25 de octubre de 2010
Refugees of the Currency War, Unite!
Today’s global currency war resembles real war in two important respects: a face-off over the structural imbalances between two large opponents – China and the United States – has forced uncomfortable smaller allies to take one side or the other, and third parties that may not be directly engaged are suffering collateral damage from both sides of the dispute.

Categoría: English / 21 de julio de 2010
Leaving the euro: What’s in the box?
Rumours of Eurozone break-up are mounting. This column argues that exiting a strong currency for a weak one poses almost unthinkable challenges, from the redenomination of contracts and the imposition of bank restrictions to the restructuring of external debt and limiting of capital mobility. Lessons from Argentina illustrate just how radical the changes would need to be.

Fuente: Vox Eu

Categoría: English / 22 de junio de 2009
Is Latvia the new Argentina?
Latvia has been hard hit by the global crisis and faces an unsustainable currency peg. Should the country float its currency, adopt the euro, or try a contained devaluation? This column assesses the options and says that the latter is most realistic, in that it will address the concerns of the EU, IMF, and Latvia.

Fuente: Vox Eu

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